January 6, 2014

Finding Stillness. ~ Sean Driscoll

Still is that fraction of a second between every “in-and-out”of the breaths that I breathe.

Still is the space between the boxcars of the freight train that thunders through my mind each car a thought in passing.

Still is that imperceptible moment that the tidal river outside my house changes from East to West melting fresh water and salt water into One, making the blood of the Earth teaming with life.

Still is gravity ceasing to work its magic on the molecules, atoms and sub-atomic particles that make up Matter and that which we think is real.

Still is Bridal Veil Falls frozen in the dead of winter at 2:00 am with no wind, no sound only a fat yellow moon.

Still is that half of a second on my guitar that I hold a note stolen beyond its measured beat, bending time, sustaining the height of rubato.

Still is the look in my son’s eyes locked in anticipation just before he knocks down his latest creation of building blocks.

Still is seeing your smile while on the inside curl of a wave that we both caught surfing, moving in tandem through time.

Still is when you wind your way down field, the ball dancing between your feet. It is the instant we stop all at once waiting before the kick that sends the ball through the posts finding its home with a goal.

Still is the beat that my heart skips when I see you walking into the room “still” after all these years.

Still is that moment when we do not move while hugging, trying to reunite what was once One, but remains separate for now.

Still is when I finally surrender to the twisted asanas that mimic life and stumble into finding there is only One.

Still is in the moment before the newborn finds its first breath or the last whispery gasp of the dying only to be reborn again from One.

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Assistant Editor: Jes Wright/Editor: Bryonie Wise

Photo Credit: James Wheeler/Pixoto

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