January 8, 2014

Get Grounded. ~ Brenna Fischer

I came home over the holidays to visit my family in Wisconsin only to find that the snow, ice and cold—usually sprinkled throughout this cold land—had frozen over all things, living or not.

I’d just spent 36 hours traveling from Japan: breathing in the recycled air of airplanes, airports, busses, cars and trains. And once I finally landed, I went straight from the bubble of the airport to the bubble of a car into the bubble of my parent’s house.

After a trip like this we all get jet-lagged, of course…but there’s something else going on.

Due to the increased frequency and use of electromagnetic radiation in our environment, according to the World Health Organization, and the limited opportunities to get outside, my body had no choice but to absorb and store this stuffy energy. The result? I’m less resilient and more sluggish, stressed, distracted, restless, achy and prone to illness.

Our bodies are amazingly efficient energy receptors: but if we don’t provide an outlet for this energy, it simply bounces around inside us like a stressed-out ping pong ball.

We all walk around all day, every day absorbing positively-charged free-radicals, according to renowned cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra, from WiFi connections, cell phones, radios, Bluetooth, power lines, computers, TV’s, microwaves and iPods. Without grounding ourselves, these charges compromise our health, and ability to think clearly and with joy or inspiration.

When we travel, there are few chances to get grounded. And in my case, once I landed I found myself in a place so cold not even snowmen wanted to stay outside!

How can we get grounded?

According to The Heart MD Institute, “Grounding is the process of connecting with the earth’s primordial, healing energy to reduce inflammation and ultimately improve health by promoting electron balance in the body.”

This means our bodies must come into contact with The Earth and its natural electricity in order to neutralize all those crazy ping pong balls. Although, connecting with The Earth used to be part of our daily lives, we have cut ourselves off from its energy by wearing rubber-soled shoes, living in insulated houses and sleeping on heavily cushioned beds.

Grounding requires our bare skin to come into direct contact with The Earth’s surface. It takes no longer than 10 minutes and you can use dirt, grass, sand, water, trees or even cement.

Without grounding we risk suffering from chronic inflammation, which can lead to all kinds of issues including arthritis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and difficulty sleeping and concentrating.

Here are four inexpensive and easy ways to stay grounded, even inside.

1) Water.

It comes directly from the earth and is charged with those incredible neutralizing and healing ions. Take a bath or a shower and notice how great it feels to be in direct contact with this revitalizing energy. If I’m traveling or short on time I use tap water to wash my hands and face.

2) River Stones. 

River stones are great because they are smooth, small and easy to carry anywhere. Plus, they hold the earth’s charge and can easily neutralize positive ions. They are great for at home, but they also travel well. Take two, one for each foot, and stand on them (slowly moving your feet up and down) while brushing your teeth or making breakfast.

3) Neti Pot.

Neti Pots are great to use any time of year in order to flush out your sinuses, but they are especially effective during the winter months when we tend to be more congested.  The solution used in a Neti Pot is a combination of warm water and salt, slightly reminiscent of ocean water. The solution is poured directly through one nasal passage and out the other. Plus, the Neti Pot is small enough to take anywhere!

4) Earthing Mats.

Since so many of us go from one computer screen to the next without any connection to The Earth there is now something called an Earthing Mat. It can be plugged-in to any outlet in your house. The outlet is connected to a rod that is grounded outside and will connect you with The Earth’s energy. All you have to do is take your shoes off! They are even travel friendly.

Happy Earthing my friends!

If you need me I’ll be in my bath tub with some river stones and a Neti Pot.


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