This sheet shows how much everything at McDonald’s costs to make. (Photo)

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on Jan 4, 2014
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Thought you guys would like to see exactly how much everything at McDonald’s costs to make.” Via:

Relephant reads:

The furthest away you can be from a McDonald’s in the U.S is 115 miles.

Photo: Oh, My, Thai: It’s Ronald McDonald, servin’ up Namaste.

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Via Reddit:

In Canada, for an average franchisee, profit runs about 25% of total sandwich pricing. ie a big Mac costs $4, after all labour and materials. $1 is gross profit, $3 to make sandwich. Markup on dollar menu ($1.39) items is substantially less with the hope that you will be purchasing a pop and fries. Can’t remember the markup on those but I think I remember a pop costing between $.09-$.15. That may have changed in the last decade.

However, franchisee’s then owe something like 7% of TOTAL sales to McDonald’s head office for rent and advertising, among other things. Which seems like a lot, but also gets you one of the best and most consistent delivery systems of any restaurant. (And now I feel like a shill)

Source: family members once owned a McDonalds

“Worked at a McDonald’s as a manager for a long time and I am good friends with an owner of 5 restaurants. He tells me the biggest profit margins are from the sale of coffees and fountain drinks. A small coffee at $1.39 for example cost $0.015 for the cup and $0.05 for the coffee itself. Add the cost of labor etc etc, each small coffee brings at least $1 straight to his pocket after all expenses and all income federal taxes. Must be nice.


Bonus: McDonald’s on employee resources site: Not lovin’ it (


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5 Responses to “This sheet shows how much everything at McDonald’s costs to make. (Photo)”

  1. Mel says:

    I’m happily 800 miles from McDonalds in the Aleutians. Guess they weren’t thinking of ALaska.

  2. Jess says:

    So- first of all I dislike tha fact that you can’t enlarge said graphic on a phone. Stays the same size. Can’t read it. Second if you think that fast food runs on anything higher than a 10-15 contribution than you are severely mistaken. Do you really think that a piazza with 2 toppings really costs less than $3 to make? Think about the overhead. The

    Wages. The supplies. The f’in phone lines. Be real

  3. @anthonymaw says:

    I think they make a lot more than 25% markup. Every time I chow down at the double-arches I wind up dropping most of eight bucks including taxes for just a Big Mac, medium fries and pop…..served by usually some minimum wage new-immigrant person.

  4. John zach says:

    The, w orst American exports,which are killing people by the dozen,not military ,airforce or navy they are mcdonalds,kentucky fries etc

  5. Dale Howard says:

    So don't eat it