January 3, 2014

Insanely Normal People (& How They Create Positive Change). ~ Mahendra Kumar

In this world, where people are fighting for their rights, and countries are struggling to keep their economy running; where companies are busy selling products (which people don’t even need), and banks are the headquarters of scam and corruption; where the price of laptops and cell phones are declining while food prices are on a record high (and political parties are busy endorsing their agenda, which is in no way related to the general welfare); where environmental protection is just a chapter in a textbook instead of a real movement, whilst people are restricted to travel in their own planet; where people have more virtual friends compared to real ones, and currency, not character, decides your future—there are still a few humans left in this god forsaken planet who always look for the brighter side of the picture even in complete darkness.

For them, comfort is never a priority. Whilst others opt for a flight, they prefer walking. When others move towards concrete jungles, they are making their way through the real forests.

For them, internet isn’t a necessity, it’s just a medium to stay connected; and mental balance is more important than the bank balance.

People call them Insane; I call them insanely normal.

Now why I am talking about these people?

The reason behind this is the fact that there are millions of insane people roaming around the planet.

People who have mastered the knowledge of scriptures, science, philosophy, mathematics, meditation and yoga are living in obscurity and no one knows about them—however, it doesn’t matter to them whether they are famous or not.

But then the all mighty universe makes sure that it doesn’t matter how much damage an oil spill causes; there are always a few brave people to clean it up. Doesn’t matter how much pollution a company causes; there is always someone watching them.

Here comes the people who are insanely normal people who share their knowledge not to win a Nobel Prize, but to bring enlightenment into others lives (and perhaps simply a smile); they are not here to change lives, but to change a single moment of a person’s life (the memories of which lasts forever in their hearts).

They volunteer for charity events not to put that in their resume, but to enjoy something which is done selflessly.  They don’t need an opinion to make decisions, in fact they don’t even think! Thinking brings the sense of right and wrong, and which in turn brings pride or guilt.

We need people like that. We need people who love to share their knowledge and wisdom for the true sense of sharing.

And we need people to be insane, but at the same time to be normal—not for the sake of themselves, but for the sake of people like us.


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Assisant Editor: Laura Ashworth

Photos: elephant archives


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Read 2 comments and reply

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