Inspiring 11-Year-Old on why Madiba is her First Black President. {Video}

Via Laura Kutney
on Jan 9, 2014
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screenshot south africa's got talent

This is by far my favorite poem that I have seen about Nelson Mandela, and it was performed by Botlhale Boikanyo.

This little lady is one special someone. She has already made her start in this world as a strong mountain mover and a brave heart challenger at the tender age of eleven.

Botlhale would have made her Tata proud with each carefully chosen word that she spoke. I hope he was able to have seen this amazing ode to him before he passed.

She not only conveys the power, empathy and courage that Mandela had, but she also emcompasses it within herself in her brilliant and emotionally moving poem—Botlhale’s performance is a timeless treasure that will never grow old.

I couldn’t get enough and kept pushing replay every time her beautiful words ended—tearing up each time I watched her speak. This is an inspiring young soul, with rare poetic talent that will leave you feeling both raw and in awe with wonder.

Oh yes, Botlhale is carrying Madiba’s values forward into this world. There is no doubt:

And for more about her reasons of the gift of her poem to Tata, on what would be his last birthday:

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