January 14, 2014

Money Mindfulness.

Spirituality and money seem like two of the farthest ends of the spectrum, bookends with cradled hardness in between, yet both imploring full awareness and attention to the moment.

The topic of money is sensitive, yet earned rightfully, spread willingly, and creating abundance in all areas of life, this is where it elevates our dreams and our being.

There is basically one word to sum up the green back: freedom. The only solution that society can attest to when reaping any sum of money is where it takes us and how we use it.

Attachment to any object or person is the antithesis of spirituality, and this does include money. In the words of Eckhart Tolle “Sometimes letting go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on.” We hang onto our money as though it will deliver the path to enlightenment. What is apparent is that the almighty dollar has the ability to transform people and situations in a positive and healthy way. We do have the responsibilities, commitments, needs, etc…but the primary root of meaningful money is learning to detach from the attachment.

As quickly as we earn money, it might be helpful to detach from where it came from and where it is going; basically putting aside who is behind our earnings and power, a novel idea in today’s world as we all are striving to make money to align with our lifestyles and take us further down the road towards our dreams. The wonky part begins to happen when we have more than we need, we use our dollars to manipulate and control, and we are always saving for a rainy day that never seems to arrive due to our own conscious suffering from lack.

Being in the moment is to bless your money, be grateful for every cent that arrives at your doorstep, and never worry about how much more you need.

Our society defines itself by the economic flow of money for goods and services. But what if those services are out of the goodness of one’s own heart and not necessarily demanding any compensation? What if people who don’t have much money truly want to help others? Where does that leave the economy?

These are the questions I ask myself, as I’m in the money gene pool of making a career out of my passion. Jettisoning out of one type of work and launching into something new requires capital, investing and a bit of a nest egg.

I’m certainly no expert on the financial comings and goings of the world, but I do feel that there is an imbalance that threatens how our society is run on a daily basis. The more we attach ourselves to how much money we have and make, the more we focus on the outside-ness of our beings versus the insides of our souls. It becomes a world of money madness instead of money mindfulness.

Fear usually drives people to money madness. There are no limits to spending and we consume and suffer from materialism at all costs. It feels very comfortable and secure to jump on the spending bandwagon, and when it gets so out of control any spiritual consciousness associated with money goes out the window as well.

Earn what you are worth and be grateful. Live within your means. Live simply and mindfully. Give the rest to the needy and poor who are incapable of working due to dire health, lack of education or both. Better yet, be a philanthropist and support someone needing an education or money for redeeming their health. Hand over some dollars to those causes that are desperately needing a voice in the world to lift our spirits. Pay teachers more than any other profession as they are molding our children and the future. It’s alarming that teachers make just above the poverty line. Help those people who are trying to find their way. Support them with bartering or a roof over their head when they need it most.

If everyone took the time to lend a hand to the poor or even some middle class folks who may have hit bottom and need to put food on the table there might be more compassion in our world. Affording luxuries doesn’t mean squat if you have a charred and compromised heart. Mindfulness with money is a blossoming self who is generous and kind; it is the person who wakes up every day wondering how they can make the world better—no matter the cost—with the passion and fire that brings you to work for something meaningful.

Most creative souls are living their dreams, taking on odd jobs, and being pulled away from their loved ones simply because they are staying true to themselves and the task. We need the dreamers to keep the vision alive. They are a different kind of doer by respecting every ounce of money that makes its way into their lives.

If you were to ask a creative right-brain thinker what motivates them to paint or make music or write or sew clothes or act, chances are they would list “passion” as their main inspiration. It is during their passionate moments when the gremlin disappears and the money starts to flow for the work they produce. They aren’t driven by the dollar. Creative people are driven to create and are oftentimes detached from the outcome. This is a beautiful thing. This is mindfulness.

Many corporate workers are shying away from living paycheck to paycheck and gravitating towards what their hearts are beckoning them to do to make a difference.

I find it splendidly awesome when I hear of those people who are willing to put aside their money egos and support a person for the mere sake of feeling good and wanting to see them succeed. Like attracts like. Focusing on the goodness of others will only bring you goodness, monetary and otherwise. Money creates freedom to give back.

Money means wealth and abundance, in the sense of helping others and for what you need to survive and be comfortable, nothing more.

In the brilliant words of Dr. Wayne Dyer “There are limits to material growth, but there are no limits to inner enlightenment.”

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Editor: Bryonie Wise

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