January 7, 2014

My Hidden Passion for Gemstones.

This story is rather ironic because my original namesake initials are “GEM”.

I felt a synchronicity while trolling for gems, crystals and rocks, in a local store that captured my attention for well over an hour. I could have lived in there.

Every display from one end of the place to the other was covered in colors, shapes and sizes, of the most unique stones and rocks on this side of the continent. There was a relaxed ambiance that furthered my self-motivation to hang there for the entire day.

Oddly enough, one of the store workers, who called herself “rock star”, was an old acquaintance from back in the day in Austin. There was way too much synchronicity happening, it was hard not to be aware of the significance. I was meant to walk into that treasured place. I exited with feelings of abundance, success, motivation, healing and vast amounts of crystals and candles for the little altars in my humble abode.

With some recent gifts of crystals and stones, I’ve covered all available shelving in my bedroom and living room. I went through my new inventory and strategically placed each piece where the energy of the colorful formation flowed in alignment with my life.

It felt similar to working with essential oils. Each aroma infiltrating my senses to concoct a symphony of healing and motivation and success. The same can be said for gemstones.

One of my local friends is a master at collecting the most unusual pieces of artwork composed entirely of crystals and rocks. Some are so enormous that I couldn’t imagine how she transported them to spaces in her office without nary a scratch or blemish.

She has been kind enough to gift me with many beaded bracelets made out of amethyst and jade. I never knew the significance until I began to focus on the powers of beads worn around the neck, on the wrist and hung in feng shui places of the home.

My passion is now uplifted to learn and gather more for the sole purpose of energy consciousness.

Here is a list of a few rocks and crystals that can alter your workspace or your home, and possibly shift your perspective on creating little altars and curious sites all over your nesting space:

1. Amethyst—a royal purple stone that has been known to assist in spiritual practices and alcohol recovery. It helps to overcome any addiction. It calms and soothes your emotions as well as preparing your soul for deep transformational journeys. It creates a protection against negative energy, and is excellent to assist in meditation to foster peace.

2. Aventurine—I just purchased this small tree with these precious light green stones hanging from each branch. It promotes healing on all levels. It is great for emotional pain and helps heal a broken heart. It reinforces decisiveness and inspires motivation. Excellent for being a “stone of action”.

3. Jade—assists in connecting with your higher self, the Divine within. It brings joy, prosperity, love and abundance. It is a stone of peace, bringing clarity to the mind and a feeling of truth in all situations. This is a medium to deep green stone that also provides courage, justice and wisdom.

4. Jasper—this is considered the “mother of all stones”. I recently placed small Jasper beads around my wrist to continue the slow grounding and healing energy. It comes in a variety of colors, patterns and combinations, yet its main purpose is selflessness and bringing about a deep love for all of mankind. If you are hypersensitive to crystalline energy this is a good stone to work with for easing into the process of working with stones.

5. Tiger Eye—great for relieving scattered energy, or if you are feeling drained or uncertain. It opens you up to new experiences and lifts your mood. A grounding stone, it boosts your solar plexus chakra and your own personal power. It can transmute limitations or fear based on its grounding properties. A popular stone for bracelets or pendants.

6. Turquoise—this can symbolize the balance of earth and sky. In meditation it opens you up to telepathy and loving communication. It will increase your creativity to speak your truth and not live in fear. As it helps you get more in tune with others it balances your inner self to help send positive psychic intuition back out into the world.

7. Sapphire—a beautiful gemstone usually reserved for fine jewelry, however its purpose is reserved for higher octaves and bringing you spiritual light. It produces more desire for prayer and assists in meditation. The stone brings joy and peace by releasing unwanted thoughts and alleviating frustration. It comes in a variety of colors, each one representing its own properties. The main purpose of wearing sapphire is to connect to your Higher Self.

So far, I’ve found these crystals to be some of my favorites, as I navigate my own personal usage of the metaphysical powers of crystals and gems. I have found that without even knowing why I’m drawn to a particular piece, the qualities of the colors and textures resonate with what is happening in my life. I am amply surrounding myself with this hidden passion of mine, only to discover that the more awareness I have, the more I connect with my true self.

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Editor: Rachel Nussbaum

Photo: cobalt123 via Flickr

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