January 2, 2014

My Runaway Heart (Fell in Love with You). ~ Lily Robinton {Poem}

Foolish, wild heart
Slippery creature.

Of course I know better than to let my foolish little heart near you
But I’ve never been a good master
Letting it ride out on my sleeve
And now it’s run away.

To be fair, you did leave your door cracked.

And in this cold world,
Who can blame my heart for seeking the warmth of your hearth?

So it stays.

Perhaps you know it is there
And so you keep the fire stoked
That is what I like to think when I worry and wonder:
How I could have been so careless to let it get away?

For you are not like me
You keep your heart safe
Fiercely guarded.

I like to think that one brave day
When I tell you about my stowaway heart
You will say I know,
It has been keeping my own lonely heart company.

A soothing thought.

But if instead you put it back out into the dark night,
I won’t blame you
You can’t be expected to keep watch of a wild little heart not your own.

Maybe I will learn to be more careful with my heart the next time ’round.


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Assistant Editor: Claire Weber/ Editor: Bryonie Wise

Photo Via: everystockphoto

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Read 5 comments and reply

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