Resolutions, 2014. ~ Kyle Pogue

Via Kyle Pogue
on Jan 2, 2014
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Photo courtesy Drew Coffman

I don’t have to be a drunk.

I don’t have to be a failure.

I don’t have to be crazy.
I don’t have to be lost.

I don’t have to be loved.
I don’t have to run.

I don’t have to show all my cards,
I don’t have to see everyone else’s,

I don’t have to know.
I don’t have to hate.

I have to love.

I have to keep fighting,
I have to seek.

I have to write.

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Assistant Editor: Bronwyn Petry
Photo: Drew Coffman, Flickr Creative Commons


About Kyle Pogue

Kyle Pogue is a drunk, a failure; he’s crazy; he’s lost. He wants to be loved and he’s on the run. He never hides his cards and he wants to look at yours. Sometimes he needs to know and sometimes he hates. He doesn’t love, fight, seek or write enough—but he’s workin’ on it.


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