January 8, 2014

The 5-Second Kombucha Mimosa. ~ Lizzie Kramer

Who wants to make a Kombucha Mimosa!?

Chicago is freezing right now, and right now, I’m fighting off a cold with ginger tea and compulsively listening to Jack Johnson while repeating the mantra, “I’m on an island and it’s warm and sunny and I’m sitting by the ocean and watching the dolphins play while the warm sun beats down on me and I am being serenaded by my guitar playing lover.” (While really just hoping I’m transported there with my happy thoughts #wishful thinking).

But, because this is very unlikely to occur, I’ve found a way to make my experience more real! With a non-alcoholic Kombucha mimosa. Kombucha rocks for a variety of reasons, namely, the reason that it contains probiotics so it promotes healthy digestion (so… you’ll poop right if you drink it).

A little known fact about Kombucha is that because it is fermented, most types actually do contain trace amounts of alcohol, so if you want to drink about 50 bottles, you might be able to get buzzed (but this isn’t recommended, encouraged, or condoned…it’s just something, like the viability of making prison wine, that I’ve always been curious about)!

There’s also the rumor going around that Kombucha can help prevent joint degeneration, as well as prevent (and fight!) cancer, but the effects haven’t been extensively studied, so feel free to believe the happy thoughts, or sponsor your own study!

Anyways, here’s what I do for my sunshine-bringing Kombucha mimosa:

–> 1 cup of freshly squeezed orange juice (preferably made with your own juicer, or if not, bought at a store that freshly squeezes their orange juice. If this isn’t an option, please try to buy a brand that isn’t made from concentrate so you receive more of the health benefits of oranges! Watch the added sugar people, and if it’s there, respect your body and don’t buy it! There’s plenty of natural sugar in the orange juice itself, don’t worry!

–> ½ bottle of Kombucha (My favorite for this is Reed’s lemon-ginger-raspberry, but G.T.’s kombucha is pretty good too, or really, any kind you have probably rocks! If it’s home-brewed, you’re indefinitely cooler and crunchier than me and should be writing this blog instead.)

–> And lastly, 1 (or more)! Jack Johnson songs:

This is a great drink to have with breakfast, or for breakfast, or, really, anytime of the day (it’s 5’o clock somewhere…right?)

Also, it’s approximately 150 calories, and includes a serving of fruit and probiotics, so it’s a low calorie and beneficial sweet treat that won’t blow your diet!

P.S. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could always try it with the eggocado. 

Enjoy the sunshine!

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