January 18, 2014

The Nature of Us. ~ Cami Krueger {Poem}

Drawn by the cycles in nature,

our dance moved us through to center

where we stand together

and enter this Fall.

Our long Summer days have grown colder

and the memory of sunshine is fresh.

We still camouflage ourselves in tank tops

but the chill in the air between is unrelenting.

We both know beyond doubt

it is time to retrieve the sweaters,

retire the shorts and the flip flops,

though neither one of us will

say it out loud.

Here, now, in this season,

everything blazes with glory—

crimson and golden mementos

of a robust and smiling Spring.

These are the deepening days where

we grip tightly to yesterday,

and to a sun that will not darken.

In the darkest days

we contemplate tomorrow;

full of potential and solitude,

of bitter sweet melancholy

with fond and

comforting goodbyes.


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Editor: Rachel Nussbaum

Photo Credit: elephant archives

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