January 24, 2014

Want to Know The Secret to Looking 20 Years Younger? Let These Brothers Show You How It’s Done. {Photos}

Memories, bitter and sweet, often pull at our heartstrings, drawing our attention away from the present moment, back to a reflection of a past we can no longer physically reach.

Only a few days ago, I was reminiscing about such things as I looked through an old photo album.

In this old album, there were photographs of the summers I’d spent in England as a child and a picture of my sister smiling and holding a mason jar filled with water and rose petals. We were trying to make perfume that summer in my gran’s garden. We’d left the rose petals submersed in water for days outside during the cool Sunderland nights. And when the water finally turned a sickly yellow, and the rose petals were drained of their bright color, and and a bit of sludge skimmed the surface of the “perfume,” this, we thought, meant our concoction was complete.

Our Grandmother, a kind woman, put this perfume on. It smelled awful, but she never refused to wear, or proudly showcase, anything we created.

It had just been a picture in an old photo album. Yet, I spent minutes reimagining the moments that resided just outside the pictures tattered edge, moments of life, of past, of childhood, wishing I could return to it.

And I imagine the Luxton brothers, seen in the photographs below, must have felt a similar pang of nostalgia when revisiting their old photos, too.

Only, instead of sitting idly by and reflecting upon the intangibility of  yesteryear, they decided to recreate it.

And what they created?

Well, it’s weird, heartwarming and utterly hilarious.

 Here’s my personal favorite:

 Aw, even the dog gets to recreate a moment. So cute:

To see what these brothers will do next, follow them on their Tumblr.

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