Watch Elephant Grandma Come to the Rescue. ~ Karissa Kneeland {Heartwarming Videos}

Via Karissa Kneeland
on Jan 9, 2014
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“Whether it’s a baby elephant, or a baby frog, a snow monkey or a gorilla, they’re all cared for by parents who do their best to keep them safe.”

Grandma saved the day in this video, but in the next one, the whole herd came to the rescue.

Of course, mother elephants can also successfully rescue their young on their own:

I feel the strong urge to go help the baby elephants in these videos while they are struggling. But then I see that elephants are perfectly capable of helping each other. They do not require human intervention to make it in the wild.

We can all help them from a distance, however. Together, we can abolish the disgustingly barbaric ivory trade. Whether it be boycotting anything that was derived from ivory or signing as many online petitions as we can.

This must be stopped before videos such as these will be viewed as history lessons of the beautiful animal that once was.

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