January 1, 2014

Wonder Why Dolphins Smile so Much? (Hint: They are High.)

The new BBC documentary, Dolphins: Spy in the Pod, shows that adolescent dolphins, much like many adolescent humans like to get a buzz on now and then.

The young dolphins swim up to puffer fish (which can be toxic in large amounts) and take a gentle chew on them before passing the puffer on to the next dolphin waiting in the group. The puffer-chew is thought to have a narcotic-like effect on the druggie dolphins.

After chewing and passing a puff, they can be seen in hidden critter cameras acting strangely and tripping on their own reflections.

I wonder if they have PA (Puffer’s Anonymous) for the dolphins that are a bit too indulgent and who chew off a bit too much to handle?

See for yourself!


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Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo:  naotakem/Flickr

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