March 7, 2014

10 Ways to Feel Happy in This Very Moment.

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It’s cold outside. It’s raining. Our car is a mess. Our bedroom is a mess. We’re procrastinating. We’re taking something mean to heart. We’re bored. We’re stressed.

Let’s face it, sometimes, we’re just not happy.

While things like meditation, movies and a fun night out can help bring our spirits up, there are times when a quick fix is necessary. Maybe we’re about to have dinner with our parents. Or we need to write. Or make an important phone call.

Whatever the reason, we might need to get happy right now. 

Here are a few feel-better-faster tips.


No downward dogs, or touching your toes. Nothing that could put a strain, no matter how beneficial, on our bodies. Ever see a baby wake up from a nap? Stretch like that. Reach your arms over your head as far as you can. Arch your back. Make a noise or two.


We all know by now that smiling can actually trigger endorphins in the brain, making us happy. However, let’s take it up a notch. Think of something funny and laugh out loud. If people are around you, act like you’re looking at your phone. Or don’t. The ogling from on-lookers might make you laugh even harder!

Touch Someone

Human contact is the key to feeling better right away. Hug your Mom or your spouse. Hug a stranger. Even shaking someone’s hand can send happy signals through your body. Feeling daring? Bump into someone on purpose! You never know; you might just make a new friend.

Listen to Music

Maybe this one is obvious. But it works. However, it’s the choice in music that counts. Just because you’re feeling low doesn’t mean you should download any James Blunt right now. Find some songs from your childhood or college days; music that makes you remember happier times.


Don’t have any music? Sing. If you’re still around people, this one is a little harder to pull off and still look normal.

Ignore It

If there is something specific on your mind that is getting you down, ignore it. Put it in a file cabinet and throw away the key. Actually, just hide the key. You can go back and find a solution for it later, but for now, forget about it. Even if it’s only for a moment.

Say, “I love you.”

Call someone you love and tell them. Just letting someone know how much we care can bring joy to us instantly. And on the plus side; chances are, they’re going to say something really awesome in response.

Eat Something

Anything. Whether it’s sweet or salty or a big leafy vegetable; when our tummy is happy, we’re happy. Just be sure to not eat too much. That could lead to feeling extra down trodden later on.

Close Your Eyes

And take a deep breath. We might not always have time to light chakra candles and play our CD of mountain sounds, but we can get a little taste of meditation no matter where we are. When you’re feeling less than yourself, close your eyes, take a deep breath in and let it go. In this moment, don’t just ignore your problems; ignore everything.


Sometimes, ignoring pain can make it worse. If you want to get happy right now, right in this second, then face whats got you down and punch it in the face. Scream. Cry. Curse. Write a letter and erase it. Hit a pillow or something equally as soft.

Negative energy is all around us and if we’re not careful, it can swallow us whole. Getting sad or angry is all apart of life, but it doesn’t need to ruin this moment right now.

Right now, this very second; be happy.


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