March 24, 2014

3 Things I Love About Downtown Betty. {Ecofashion Review}


Note: elephantjournal.com received these review items for free, in return for a guarantee that we would review said offering. That said, we say what we want—good and bad, happy and sad.

One could say, if they wanted, that I have a…well, a slight obsession with, let me see, how do I say this—oh yes: a slight obsession (or let’s call it passion!) for finding fashionable sustainable, responsible, eco-friendly clothing made as close to home as possible.

Lucky for me that I am connected to other beating hearts that share similar values and based on their raving recommendations, my crush on Downtown Betty was born.

Here are three things I love (and I mean love) about this Vancouver-based company:

IMG_55681. Actually, I love pretty much everything. Since receiving the package (wrapped in repurposed brown paper bags with a delightful bicycle stamp on the front), a few months ago, the long dhoti pants and I have become best friends. I wear them almost all the time. Everything is so damn comfortable that I can wear from editing chair, to street, to studio and back again. Comfortable, fluid and roomy enough for midday squats.

2. Not only do the pants feel like heaven, but the sweet tank fits my unique body in a way that I could only dream of. Fitted without smothering, my curves gently held and my body shape honored.

IMG_56053. Katie has the most generous heart. The first package I received included everything I requested (including the limited edition s.t.a.g. + d.o.e. kimono) as well as a bonus bindu headband. Everything was a bit roomier than I expected, but I didn’t think to let her know that the sizes were off. After a brief check in, without question, she sent me a new package with the right sizes in colors I wouldn’t have chosen for myself but make me feel like spring is here.

Caring about how you make your clothes and about the people that wear them?

Oh yes, my friends, this does exist in this wild world of ours.

(In addition to what I mentioned above, I also tried: the dhoti pants, the stable dress and the perfect t.)

To find out more, visit their newly revamped user-friendly website that will answer all the questions you might have: Downtown Betty.


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