March 25, 2014

7 Ways to Stay Alive in a World That Is Dying. ~ Kendra Moonrise Harvest

Via Troy Hunter

They tell us it is all coming to an end. What are we supposed to do with that information?

I love our modern day media. There are pages and pages of never ending dooms day, negative bullshit, but there is no information regarding what we can possibly do to stop the madness. All we see when we open our newsfeed is “World is ending”. Hey media, government, or who ever controls this stuff, ever think of running an article about something positive? How about something to create change so that the Earth’s human population can have some semblance of hope? In light of recent articles floating around the interweb I have compiled my own list that would bring about maximum positivity and minimum negativity. That’s a good goal, right?

1. Stop buying things you don’t need. 

Yes, I really mean it. Excessive consumerism is overrunning our lives. From toys to clothes to gadgets to cars to food we must rethink what it is we really need to survive.

Why would anyone need more than a couple pairs of pants and enough shirts for each day of the week? I know it’s fun to have individual style and to look hot at all times, just in case the cashier at the store is the cute boy you have had a crush on for months.

Maybe that’s fun, but maybe it’s more fun to have a Earth, with all of its magnificent beauty, that can support life. That way we can all maintain our girlish crushes and it won’t matter what the fuck we are wearing.

2.  Get out into nature.

Do you ever feel trapped with those four walls around you? It brings about a disconnectedness only we domesticated animals feel.

Have you ever seen a dog behind a fence or in a car just barking for it’s life? All I can hear is “let me free!” Humans are animals as well. We need to run free and feel the wind in our hair. There is so much natural beauty out there and apparently it will be gone before we know it.

Enjoy it while it’s there! Maybe if more people spent time enjoying the natural beauty of our Earth then we wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place. When standing in the middle of the forest the peace that comes from listening to the trees whispering your name has the potential to cure all ills. So get out there and start listening.

3. Go to the farmers market. Or better yet, try to grow your own veggies.

Do you know how good it feels to get your hands dirty? If you do, then I don’t have to tell you how good it feels. Not only does it feel amazing to get your hands dirty, but to see the products of your labor with your own eyes and then nourish yourself in the most healthy and natural way possible.

By supporting local growers and businesses and putting less money into the hands of big corporations you will be supporting the local economy and doing your part to putting an end to corporate consumerism and greed.

Many of the world’s problems sprout from global trade and inequalities in global markets. Buying food from grocery stores also support mono-cropping which is depleting the earth of it’s natural topsoil, creating erosion, pest problems, and a loss of natural ecosystems. Not only will the Earth become healthier from the switch, but your body will feel an awakening and the benefits from that alone will be far reaching.

4. Laugh a little. No. Laugh a lot.

Did you know it’s contagious? Whether it’s by the ridiculousness of the sound, the snorts that come out when something it so funny you cannot even begin to try to hold it back, there is something that happens when you hear someone laughing that makes you want to join in.

Sometimes I find myself laughing when I hear a cackle from across the room with out even knowing what is so funny in the first place. Why not? It brings about the biggest joy to know that my laughter inspired more.

5. Make love with the one that you love. And no, I don’t mean just have sex.

What I mean is, if you have a connection with another person that it so real and so deep that you want to be with this person until the end of eternity and want to create a life and a family with this person then explore each other’s energies and physical bodies.

It is so important to feel that intimacy in this life. Anything else may just leave you feeling empty inside, like any drug taken for the wrong reasons.

6. Be conscious. Be aware.

Next time you go to do something you’re not 100% about take a moment to think about it. What is moving you to make these choices? What motivation do you have to buy that pair of shoes, pour that glass of wine, or reach for the bottle to pour a second glass of wine?

You may come to realize you are making these decisions for the wrong reasons or maybe you will realize what you are doing and be okay with it, but through this process you will learn the truth.

Living in the now may be hard at first, but being present in the moment will not only alleviate past, present, and future stresses and anxieties, it will also bring you closer to the source of it all. The energy that comes from living in the present will transform your life from being one planned out movie to a free flowing cosmic wave.

And who wouldn’t want to go for a ride on that?

7. Be your authentic weird self.

Did you know you have magic in every cell of your being? Whether you like it or not, you are weird. No one else is like you. Everything you do is individual and unique. That’s great!

Some people will like you and some people won’t like you. Wouldn’t you rather be liked and not liked based on who you really are and not on someone you’re trying to be?

There’s not much time left people! Make this moment the most magical it can be! Ps. No one knows when the world is ending, but in the mean time why not spread the love and positive vibes?

Time is but a fleck of dust floating in the wind—we might as well be laughing.

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