March 31, 2014

Are We Thriving or Merely Surviving?


We’re going to be human as long as we are alive, so merely just trying to sheepishly go through each day and the next out of fear and worry is just not going to cut it any longer.

When I watch the movies with happy endings and beautiful story lines that portray our hope for love, romance, stylish lifestyle, fulfillment, happiness and well-being, I wonder what it would be like if our real lives could be like that. Wishful thinking or realistic assumption?

Life presents us with real struggles—I mean really real struggles: one moment we might be at our peak and the next moment at the lowest. One phone call can change everything, one visit can make the whole difference, one letter can strike the wrong chord.

Life can present us with many unforeseen occurrences. So what do we do when we still have to deal with these unfortunate and unexpected things that life might bring us (even though we would prefer to play invisible at times when we have to go through these challenges)?

What do we have to do to thrive, to overcome, to win, to re-write the script, to create our own stories?

Being resilient is the one of the biggest assets we have—to know that no matter where the wind blows from and towards, we are resilient regardless and won’t crumble to pieces.

We might bend left, right and center again, but we won’t break.

Knowing that, “God won’t give us things we cannot handle,” is the re-assurance that where we are and what we have and what we are dealing with is the exact measurement of what we can handle. So the fun in all of it is that everything is a preparation ground for something better.

We overcome this phase and we are automatically prepared for a tougher phase with a higher pay off. The tougher the road might seem to us in a particular area, the more liberation we should expect.

Let’s use this struggle we face in any area of our life as a source of inspiration to re-write the script because we acknowledge our resilience as our human uniqueness. Let’s recreate the story, from the victim perspective to the triumphant perspective.

So at least we can relish in the fact that each obstacle overcome is another book in us, another film worthy of an Oscar, another lyric yet to be sung, another poem to be composed, another story to tell our kids and another chance to thrive beyond merely surviving.


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Editor: Travis May

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