March 22, 2014

Dancing with the Planetary Stars. ~ Pamela McDonough

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The planets are experiencing unique cosmic choreography and changing partners like crazy this spring!

The planets on center stage are Venus and Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter, and Mercury and Mars.

This special series of four planetary dances are creating Parivartana Yogas by transit in Vedic Astrology—in an unusually short time period. To make things even more interesting, these Parivartana yogas occur simultaneously with other very rare planetary transits.

The Sanskrit word Parivartana, simply translated, means to change.

Parivartana Yoga is a simple concept to grasp if we think of planets as people and the signs of the horoscope like a person’s home. Two planets have decided to move into each other’s houses. A planetary union (yoga) is created through the exchange of houses.

For example, Venus and Saturn have been in a Parivartana Yoga since February 25, 2014. Venus is transiting through Saturn’s sign, Capricorn. And Saturn is transiting through Libra, owned by Venus. Saturn and Venus form a close relationship as a result, creating an exchange of planetary energy that influences the fundamental behavior of both planets—much like what we would experience if we exchanged houses with another person.

This exchange forms a sambandha, or relationship that is inextricably connected for the duration that the two planets are exchanging houses by transit or in our horoscope at birth. Interconnected planetary energies from Parivartana Yoga manifest very specifically in our lives depending upon our own Vedic horoscope, particularly so in the houses where the planetary exchange occurs.

While the energy of the two planets creating the Parivartana Yoga is deeply connected, it isn’t always comfortable.

Important factors to consider during the influence of Parivartana Yoga by transit are:

1. The natural relationship between the two planets in Jyotish (Vedic Astrology).
2. The elements of the signs that they exchange: Fire, water, air and earth.

These characteristics determine how comfortable the cosmic choreography will be. Or not.

Imagine two people who dislike one another—completely different personalities—being forced to dance together.

Unhappily, for weeks at a time, pushing and pulling each other around the dance floor with one or the other always trying to take the lead!

“All of the ladies attending the ball are requested to gaze in the faces found on your dance cards. Please then remember and don’t get too close to one special one. He will take your defenses and run. So we change partners. Time to change partners. You must change partners. Again.”

~ Stephen Stills

Let’s take a look at these cosmic cha-cha-cha’s individually:

Venus is currently waltzing through Capricorn while Saturn is in Libra. These two will continue with a planetary quickstep once Venus heads into the swiftly moving, airy sign of Aquarius on March 30, 2014.

Venus and Saturn are naturally friendly and usually quite harmonious in their cosmic dance together. However, there is a challenge between them.

Saturn is currently retrograde and influenced by some disturbing energy from fiery Mars and renegade Rahu (a shadow planet) in Libra.

Structured Saturn considers fiery Mars and renegade Rahu unwanted, yet very influential roommates. Their disorderly influence on Saturn is carried to Venus through a Parivartana Yoga. As a result the normally peaceful and beauty-loving Venus is experiencing some seriously conflicting energy due to this exchange of energy.

Once Venus pirouettes into Aquarius on March 30, 2014, Saturn and Venus will be more compatible since they will both be in air signs. Fortunately by this time, Mars has retrograded back into Virgo and is no longer rooming with Saturn and Rahu.

All things related to Venus and Saturn in our horoscope will begin to move a lot more swiftly.

Mercury and Jupiter get into the swing of things as Mercury moves into watery Pisces on April 3, 2014, the sign that Jupiter owns. And Jupiter is now in Gemini, the sign owned by Mercury. A very conflicting exchange of energy through air and water signs.

The elements and the fundamental meaning of these two signs are also at odds with this dance duo!

Jupiter and Mercury have an interesting relationship. Jupiter is the divine wisdom guide. Materialistic Mercury is analytically intellectual. In the natural friendship scheme in Jyotish, Jupiter considers Mercury an enemy. Mercury is neutral to Jupiter.

It is much like our daily lives, in which we often experience lopsided relationships.

Mercury as ruler of Gemini is in the pristine and priest like Pisces. This is Mercury’s sign of weakness or debilitation. Jupiter is transiting the sexy couple’s oriented sign of Gemini.

Think of these planetary energies combining, like water ballet meets the sexy lambada.

Then Mercury is off to Aries and changing partners once again. This time with Mars! Mars retrograde is going to be in Mercury’s earthly sign of Virgo while Mercury is in the sign of Mars.

The planetary relationship between Mars and Mercury is also complicated. Mars considers Mercury an enemy. Mercury is neutral to Mars. Mars is going to be dragging Mercury around the dance floor in a heated tango!

Mercury also has two very influential roommates in Aries: Ketu (a shadow planet) and the Sun. Ketu is incredibly fiery, even more so than Mars. Combined with the heat emanating from the exalted Sun in Aries Mercury is going to be quite withered by all of this heat! Challenges surrounding all of the things that Mercury naturally represents, like writing, communication and networking, will be experienced. And depending upon our individual horoscope, other areas of our lives may be affected.

Sometimes Parivartana Yogas can strengthen the indications of a planet and at other times it can create challenges. Being aware of these exchanges can help us navigate the dance floor with our planetary partners in life with grace and ease.

Hot Dates:
Venus and Saturn exchanging signs in Capricorn and Libra until 3/30/14.
Venus and Saturn exchanging signs in Aquarius and Libra 3/31/14 – 4/27/14.
Mercury and Jupiter exchanging signs in Pisces and Gemini 4/3/14 – 4/20/14.
Mercury and Mars exchanging signs in Aries and Virgo 4/20/14 – 5/4/14.

“Gracefulness is to the body what understanding is to the mind.”

~ Francois de La Rochefoucauld

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