March 24, 2014

Empathic Civilization in 2020. ~ Lauryn DeGrado {Video}

2012 mayan

It was when I was 12 that I first dreamed a little daydream of what the world would be like when I was 50.

I continued to wonder during the years growing up from my 20’s, 30’s then finally through my 40’s. Occasionally, although not often, I wondered but never really considered what things would be like leading up to 2012. And it was with a great sense of irony when I found out that the Mayan calendar was expiring just after my 50th birthday.

While we did not have an apocalyptic event to end 2012, and all of life, here we are in one of our countries most challenging economic times. And as I look at where we actually are today I think I was always hoping for something more like this video. And so here’s to 2020 may our vision be transformed.



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Editor: Bryonie Wise

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