March 24, 2014

Employ the International Sign for Stop. ~ Jennifer Moore


I teach children to practice “Take Five” when they feel overwhelmed or fearful.

We hold up our hand and count down five long, smooth breaths, folding in a digit with each breath.

This is a beneficial habit for adults, too. It serves a dual purpose:

1. We give ourselves a moment (five actually) to breathe before reacting; we are able to respond mindfully.
2. We are performing the international sign for stop, which may cause the other (the trigger) to pause and breathe.

The Practice:

Take five conscious breaths.
Do this often.

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Editor: Rachel Nussbaum

Photo:  Jennifer Moore

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Jennifer Moore

Jenn Moore Mehmke is driven to communicate through movement, words and images. She is a certified yoga teacher, communication consultant and writer. Jennifer’s young son is her inspiration and parenting him reminds her daily that beauty exists everywhere. Jennifer can be found on Facebook at Breathe Peace. Follow her blog Daily Breath.