March 24, 2014

Getting Centered with Wes Anderson. {Video}


Filmmaker Wes Anderson is known for creating films that have one visually delicious image after another.

The Royal Tenenbaums, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Moonrise Kingdom (especially Moonrise Kingdom) are some of my all-time favorites—as satisfying to the eyes as a leisurely stroll through the halls of an art gallery. He takes such care in assembling his shots, presents them as intentionally as the combined images of a glorious flip-book.

And then there is Anderson’s inclination toward symmetry.

Korean filmmaker Kogonada just released this super cut of Anderson’s use of perfectly centered shots.

Kogonada has become well-known for his videos that isolate the visual tools of directors including pieces on KubrickMalick, and Tarantino.

They are all worth having a look at. But, for now, a video homage to Anderson’s films, and his love for symmetry:

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