March 25, 2014

Give Me Your Truth. ~ Sherri Rosen

Truth (La Vérité), 1870, by Jules Lefebvre

I created this video after a breakup.

I was pissed at allowing myself to be fed a line of bullsh*t  by a man that I had fallen madly in love with.

Instead of saying angry things or blaming my ex, I decided to create this rap song to speak my piece.

My poet friend, Rohan, and I created the lyrics in one hour, and my musician friend, Chris Collins, created the funky island sound heard in the background. After we created the song, my son, Stephen Rosen, took me into his recording studio and we recorded everything.

This is the result.

My first rap song: “Give Me Your Truth.”

Don’t give me your bullshit,

Give me your truth.

Don’t say I love you,

Don’t say I do,

When you really don’t.

Try not to say you will,

When you wont.

Say what you mean.

Mean what you say.


That’s what I want from you anyway.

Guys say yes,

When they wanna say no;

Women say yes,

When their hearts ain’t in it.

Don’t give yourself over

Out of fear.

Heart is needed.

Love is noted.

Honesty respected.

You’ve got yourself a deal!

I feel safer when the truth is with love.

Open your heart,

Embrace grace from above.

The heart has an eye,

that sees through the bullshit—

Before it arrives.

Not being forthright is what leaves you deprived.

Love elephant and want to go steady?

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Editorial Assistant: Brandy Mansfield / Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: Wikicommons


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