March 22, 2014

Let Go of Comparing. ~ Carolyn Riker.

yoga beach inversion selfie

“Comparison is the theft of joy.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt.

 Real yogi and yoginis aren’t judgmental, right?

I assure you this isn’t an easy share but it is one of those reflective moments of insight and I hope to connect with even a few.

I can be judgmental and jealous. Truthfully, I also feel (sometimes) inferior when personal triggers are set off. I compare myself as social media seems to have turned yoga into a platform for gymnastics meets yoga.

Can you do this?


Look at me while I rock some incredible pose—on a subway platform—in red-hot stilettos!

I go further into my anxious rabbit-hole and I feel inadequate, old and discouraged. Self-doubt and self-shame are absolutely, positively debilitating. Digging a little deeper, I stay with my triggers. I trip over a vacant chamber filled with vintage, negative recordings. It’s where I feel exceptionally small and inept. My dormant-adolescent-insecure self has been revealed.

I’m not good enough.

Followed by a deafening critical voice screaming:

 Why can’t you be better?!  

It’s time to apply some basic 101 heart wisdom: 

You are okay and absolutely, 100 percent fine.

Just the way you are.

Let go of comparing.

It doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing in a yoga class or posting pics on social media. Each person will walk (or kick-up) into their journey differently.

Currently, I’m leaning against the wall, just to stay connected to my breath.

My yoga journey is a mat’s distance away from yours. It’s very simple, internal and individualized. Who am I to say what is right or wrong? Maybe those yoga selfies are helping someone to stay engaged in their journey. Maybe it helps them to grow.

Yoga is a practice of saying to myself:

My downward dog and warrior, love me for what I can do and not what I can’t do.

I surrender.

Yoga is loving my inner-self and letting go of comparing.

All aspects of yoga, including the asanas are advanced—when done from within.

I smile from my heart to yours. You have unleashed my inner-flying-monkeys and have assisted me to do a little more soul searching. Thank you for being your beautiful self in all of your amazing poses.

We are all amazing.



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Photo: Lauren Nelson 

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Read 5 comments and reply

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