The Best Meal I’ve Ever Eaten. ~ Amanda Fleming Taylor

Abigail in Paris

Abigail said she wanted to eat something exotic for her tenth birthday dinner, something special, something very very French.

We sat down at our little, perfectly clothed table. The one with big, bright windows over looking the Siene River, the one that we had dreamed about for our entire plane ride over the Atlantic.

And turned our palates over to capable, expert hands.

Monk fish, stuffed zucchini flowers, wasabi astronaut ice cream, pasta strewn with tiny white blossoms floating in cream sauce.

It was magic.

Just like her.

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Editor: Rachel Nussbaum

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Amanda Fleming Taylor

Amanda Fleming Taylor is a writer, adventurer, yoga practioncer, lover of learning, great food, hugs, science, entrepreneurship–often feels like she is a living a modern, slightly hippie, version of the novel Little Women. Her four amazing daughters’ names all start with vowels, in alphabetical order from oldest to youngest, and were all based on literary characters. She dreams of taking her girls to every continent, climbing mountains (both real and imaginary), living a life that is sourced from her passions and not her “obligations,” and wants to open every day like it’s a Christmas present. Opening to grief, embracing fear and being brave, staying open even when it’s hard, has made her strong. Her life’s purpose is to help others find empowerment through embracing the adventure of life and to raise excellent, badass daughters. She is an ambassador for the American Widow Project, the National Sales Director for The Respite Centre and would love to connect with you via Facebook, Twitter, or her adventure blog.