March 29, 2014

This is what a Saturday sounds Like.


It’s Saturday.

Another week behind us. A day of space and play and carefree plans that aren’t plans but random events that string together as the day unfolds.

Another to-do list accomplished. Another load off our shoulders and into the past that isn’t the past because we are trying to be present.

A day to breathe in fresh air and feel the wind whip against our faces as the seasons change from hibernation to rebirth. A rebirth that makes us feel vulnerable and exposed and unsure of what’s to come.

We dust off the crusty feeling of shorter days and warming foods and pilled sweaters and embrace the new that isn’t new because we’ve been here before. We’ve been here before but we forget because each year is a cycle and each cycle teaches us a different lesson.

Today is a day to think about days to come. To laugh and to move and to feel sadness. To tell our people we love them and to mean it. To listen to music that we’ve never listened to before but we know we’ll like after listening some more. To change up our routines and try something new even if we don’t like it and never try it again.

To pause…and to feel our inner-most being. The good and the wholesome and the beautiful.

Today is a Saturday and this is what it sounds like: 

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Photo: elephant archives

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Read 6 comments and reply

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