March 17, 2014

Whole Health: A Holistic Approach to Healing for the 21st Century. ~ Brenna Fischer {Book Review}

Whole Health

“I am quick to remind them that physical symptoms are, in fact, the language of the body, and that it’s important for them to trace back their inner pain dialogue from their body back to their mind—and then further back, to their emotions and spirit. Pain represents the surfacing of our deepest communication with ourselves.”

~ Mark Mincolla, Ph.D.

This is the basis of Dr. Mincolla’s Whole Health practice. In his book, he outlines the foundations of his practice by explaining that energy is everywhere including, and most importantly, in our bodies and we, as a culture, are just now becoming aware of the power we possess over the way we feel and how those feelings manifest. He emphasizes the fact that we have great control over our body, mind, spirit and ultimately our destiny.

Each energy source has it’s own vibration based on each person’s positive or negative reaction to certain stimuli. Each reaction creates positive or negative energy within the body. In order to maintain a healthy body we must make sure these energies are balanced throughout the body. 

The book walks the reader through several tests in which, you can test yourself or preform with a partner, for positive or negative reactions to food, images or emotions. The great piece of wisdom that comes from this is that the Whole Health practice is set up to recognize, unveil and decode the individual and unique reactions that can cause people’s ailments.

What one person is allergic to, is fuel for another.

Unbalanced energy leads to inflammation and disease, the goal of these exercises it bring the body’s energies back into balance.

The concept is easy enough to grasp, even sitting in my chair I can imagine something happy or sad and feel a noticeable change in my body’s mood and energy. The Sixth-Sensory Energy Diagnosis takes this concept several steps further and gives the reader a blueprint for a deeper look into the causes of many diseases and ailments. Even better, the book goes on to explain how to rebalance energies and bring your body back to a state of homeostasis.

Though this book does a great job of breaking down Dr. Mincolla’s method’s it does assume a basic knowledge of health terms and definitions that can make the book feel like a heavy read, even to someone with a health background. So, don’t expect an easy read. However, each chapter is further divided into sections making it quite digestible when read one at a time.

This practice emphasizes empowerment over disease rather than the usual helplessness many find when trying to get to the root cause of specific ailments. Dr. Mincolla provides tools and tests that the reader can use immediately while sitting in a chair or in laying bed.

Thank you Dr. Mark Mincolla for introducing a practice that assesses the cause of an ailment by taking into account each paitient’s specific backgrounds, emotional stability and mind-set.


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