April 2, 2014

5 Great Songs to Boost Your Vinyasa Yoga Flow. ~ Chelsey Engel {Videos}

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As a musician, music plays a part in almost every aspect of my life, yoga included.

For those of us who enjoy tunes in the background during our practice, we know the power those tunes have as far as getting into our veins and helping us flow. Here are just a few of my favorites that really get me going and maybe they will do the same for you! Enjoy and namaste.

1. “For What It’s Worth”- DJ Drez and Joey Lugassy

Derived from the famous song by Buffalo Springfield, DJ Drez collaborated with Joey Lugassy on this amazing number. I utilize it during the beginning of my vinyasa flow, right at that point when we really start to move. It’s subtle yet equally inspiring. If you don’t already know DJ Drez, do your soul a favor and familiarize yourself!


2. “Hor Vi Neevan Ho”- Noori

Formed in 1996 in Pakistan, Noori blends rock with more classical, sufi music traditions to make their own unique sound. I discovered this song while working in an art gallery where an exhibit was featured using this song as part of the piece. Every time I heard it, I felt entranced. That same feeling arises whenever I incorporate it into my practice.


3. “The Crossing”- Menahan Street Band

One may not think horns have a place in songs used for yoga, but let me just say— this song is awesome. It has a great, laid-back beat and I am a horn whore (excuse my French) so naturally, I am drawn to this song. Play it while really flowing through sun salutations and you will undoubtedly have a smile on your face.


4. “Dye”- Tycho

Tycho is known for its chilled out, laid-back electronic vibes, and this song is no different. Off of their latest album comes “Dye,” a tune I find perfect for the middle of a vinyasa flow.

5. “Halving the Compass”- Helios

I’m not sure how I came across this tune…probably the never-failing Spotify radio. This is a fantastic song to end your flow with during savasana. Be transported to an incredibly peaceful state of mind with faint sounds of birds chirping and a light breeze blowing, a perfect way to close your practice.



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