April 6, 2014

5 Reasons Why Detaching with Love is Powerful. ~ Lauren Stahl

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I used to think that attachment brought me happiness.

I thought that it made me a better, stronger, more effective person.

If I attached myself to some type of outcome, the idea of it happening propelled me forward.

If I attached myself to another person, the idea of the other person propelled me forward.

If I attached myself to some sort of thinking, the thoughts propelled me forward, in a very comforting yet destructive way.

The reality is that attachment is destructive. The more I attached myself to other people, places, and things, the more I deviated from my true and authentic self, and the more I became dependent on externals to bring me happiness, and the more I sat with disappointment, fear, pain and frustration.

Yet, I let this cycle repeat itself over and over again. Insanity, some may call it.

When I initially started detaching, I was abrasive and harsh. I took the anger of attachment out on myself. Beat myself up. Talked down to myself.

Then I started doing things a little bit differently—I detached with love.

I was compassionate and understanding with myself. I understood that these attachments served a purpose for me. They were a way to cope, a way to not fully connect with myself.

So here are five reasons why detaching, with love, is powerful:

1. We can.

Yes, you heard me right. We can detach from anything we want. The reality is we strengthen and power ourselves this way. The more we attach ourselves to something, the more we have to lose.

2. We deserve freedom.

Did we ever notice that attachment limits our freedom? It also limits our ability to surrender and just be in the moment. Everything that we want and need is directly there inside of us, in infinite proportions.

3. There is nothing to be scared of.

There is so much goodness in life, in the present moment, in connections. Those connections with attachment are artificial connections. They are serving some other purpose for us and often are not genuine or authentic. We are whole and complete just the way we are.

4. We are love.

This is true in every capacity. We are nothing but love. Take a moment and tap into that today. Tap into our essence and core. That is what we need to be attached to. Nothing more. Everything else serves as a compliment to what we already innately have within us.

5. We lose whatever we attach ourselves to.

Are we aware of this? The more we put a person, place, or thing on a pedestal and make it a goal or accomplishment to get, the more likely we are to lose it. Or when we do get it, it doesn’t feel good enough. Attach ourselves to the love we have within. That is all we need. From there, everything else will fall into place.


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