April 10, 2014

8 Sex Jewels. {Adult}

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Jewel 1: There are no universal rules.

Everything that follows is more a guide. Like life, we need to figure it out for ourselves. Don’t let porn, society, our partner or anything else fully determine how we get our sex on.

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Jewel 2: Love is its core. It’s all about love; let our love flow for ourselves and others. We don’t have to be in love with our partner, but we should spread our love like we do our energy.

Jewel 3: Lust it up! There’s no point being half-assed about it. Let out our inner animal.

Jewel 4: Melt in connection. No matter whether we love or lust our partner, or both, there is connection to be amplified. Sex has amazing growth benefits.

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Jewel 5Sex ourselves before we sex another. Masturbation is where we began, so we may as well honour it. Plus it’s great meditation.

Jewel 6 We like stuff. Treat ourselves as a toy, our partner as a toy, and our toy as a toy. It’s all just another flame in the fire.

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Jewel 7 Mind, body and soul adventure. Think/feel, explore, enlighten. It’s an infinite universe of possibilities. Apply it to sex.

Jewel 8Do it. Just because we feel tired or not turned on, we know how good it is when we do it anyway. The only reason it would turn out bad is if we did it wrong. The trick is to do it right.


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