A Healing Technique to Release Old Wounds. ~ Dan Sainsbury

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Everyone has a unique constellation of issues, psychological and emotional, that they bear in adult life.

These take many forms: fear of authority, fear of falling in love, anxiety of meeting people for the first time.

It doesn’t take great awareness to see that our unique configuration of issues come from the unique trajectory we have undergone from age zero to the present day.

Why does our childhood inform adulthood in this way?

It is widely accepted that there is far greater neuro-plasticity in our minds the younger we are. The neuronal networks are growing at an exponential rate in infancy and are gradually fused and formed along the lines of our environment and the emotional impacts we are exposed to.

We often hear the phrase, “laying down new neural pathways,” when we learn a new skill in adulthood, and this is likely to be the way we learn how to deal with and view the world from our earliest days. It gives us our unique “worldview.”

Given that our young minds fuse and form in this way, it must be that significant, high-impact events, usually centered around a sudden or general withdrawal of love (father leaving the family, mother overlooking child’s talents, parents taking out their aggression on child, child being smacked disproportionately to what they have done, etc.), will leave a stake in the ground in the child’s mind.

Over time, these flagstone events give the unique perspective and perceptual biases through which we as individuals come to view life. They create our innermost or core beliefs and our expectations about how different facets of life will work out for us.

These “wounds” from childhood are gradually fossilized deep in the unconscious mind, trampled under the weight of decades of life, far from conscious awareness, to a point where we just “act the way we do.”

And these modes of behavior are not called into question until it appears that they are in some way dysfunctional, unhelpful or downright painful.

It might take us a while to pick up on these patterns, but it is possible to trace these themes or points of pain back to a unique set of events (or single event) in childhood and heal them at the source.

As a spiritual or energy healer, I know of a powerful method for accessing and healing old wounds. It involves working with the Higher Self or Spirit—that part of us that is in direct communication with Divinity and that therefore knows all we need to know. It is all-Seeing and all-Knowing—admittedly a part of us that we very rarely access.

A Technique to Release Old Wounds:

Take one issue for now that you want to work on.

1. How does the issue feel? Where do you feel it in the body?

2. Bringing your awareness gently to the feeling, ask the Higher Self, clearly, with a spirit of enquiry, “Higher Self, what is it that I have to forgive here?” (Don’t get caught up with the word “forgive”…it just means “to let go.”)

3. Wait for the answer. Stay with the feeling as you wait for the answer. It is usually in the form of a memory, or a person’s image. The feeling will take you there.

4. When you are shown the answer, simply allow it to be cleared and transmuted by breathing Love and Light into it, until you can feel that it has gone. You will know it has been cleared when you suddenly feel a shift into peace or more Light in the body.

It is sometimes easier to work with a healer who knows these techniques who can hold the Space and give the structure and guidance for these memories to be accessed and released, as it can be an intricate job.

And remember, when you are shown the answer, usually a memory you have long forgotten about (that teacher who gave you a hard time, or when your mother smacked you for spilling the milk) clear it all by bringing in as much Love and Light as possible.

I have used this structure 100’s of times with 100s of people worldwide and the results are astounding. The release people feel is the release of a lifetime of repressed emotion.



More tips:



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Photo:  Wikimedia Commons 

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Dan Sainsbury

Dan Sainsbury works as a spiritual and energy healer and therapist in London, UK with a global client-base. He has seen great healing and release in his clients using certain specific techniques, centered principally around the glorious principles laid out in the text, “A Course In Miracles.

If you would like to experience the power and freedom afforded by this technique please do get in contact via Dan Sainsbury’s website.

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anonymous Nov 2, 2015 5:18pm

(Don’t get caught up with the word “forgive”…it just means “to let go.”)

I was just scanning this article at work and saw those words. I was just hit by lightening and burst into tears. I have been struggling with "forgiving" someone whose actions drastically changed my life and my childrens' lives. I have been holding onto to some horrible anger for more than four years. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I don't have to forgive her, but I can let go of the anger and never let it bother me again! This is going to change my life! I am so grateful to you.

    anonymous Jan 10, 2016 3:31am

    Hi Heather, this is so wonderful to hear. Dan

anonymous Nov 1, 2015 10:39pm


I have difficulty focusing and LOTS of issues that I know and a lot more that I have chosen to forget and another lot I am not sure exists in which part of my head.

Would need some help here!

Kindly guide.


anonymous Sep 7, 2015 6:30am

This technique is worth a try. I just would like to draw Dan's attention to an example he uses – the mother smacking the child for spilling the milk…putting the mother in a bad light. Granted, the smacking seems disproportionate, but the mother is probably hurting in some way, such as not having support from the father,physically, emotionally, financially, etc, and her stresses are maybe high. Not the child's fault, of course…but could society please stop putting everything on the mother's back, and blaming everything on them. The mother is expected to be perfect in every way, but no one looks at the lack of support and lack of understanding that they have to live with most of the time, and then blame them if they have a lapse in perfect behaviour.

    anonymous Nov 1, 2015 7:25pm

    I think you’re putting your own inference on what he said here. In a course in miracles and this kind of work forgiveness is obtained by seeing that we are all innocent. We do into others all we are capable of with our level of understanding at that moment. When we know better, we do better. The child in us doesn’t see that, and that’s why it takes us practicing the forgiveness as an adult where we can grasp the comprehension that whatever our parents did they were doing their very best with whatever they had to work with at the time.

    anonymous Jan 10, 2016 3:34am

    Hi Carol, I completely hear what you are saying. The beauty about this technique, and the principle that drives it, is that it is not about proportioning of blame – it is about removing the perceived sleight or grievance, or 'wound', which is perceived as an 'unforgiveness'.

    Hope this helps and please feel free to contact me directly. Dan

anonymous May 4, 2014 9:53am

Thank you for the atricle. I will be trying this tomorrow when there is quiet in the home. The wounds from childhood are deep but only just being realised.

    anonymous May 5, 2014 4:10am

    Hi Jackie, so glad you are bringing awareness to the underlying causes. Once we know that is driving our behaviour (our subconscious and its contents are hugely powerful) that is a great first step. Then the above will help in removing the 'gunk'.

    If you would like a hand let me know.

anonymous May 2, 2014 10:40am

Very pleasing feedback from a writer here at EJ ….

"So, after trying your healing technique in the article, my whole life is different. Two days ago I used your healing technique, and I think my experience definitely falls into the category of miracle."

Rosalba Hernandez May 29, 2016 5:29pm

The format of your articles make them very difficult to read. The type of letter, no subtitles...its like reading mi college homework. The content is good, but it has no editorial rythm.