April 6, 2014

A Non-Materialistic Approach to Magnetizing Money. ~ Mark Butler

Magnetizing Money in Service of Love & Spirituality. ~ Mark Butler

Song of the Open Road.

Mark Butler — financial advisor, author — muses on the words of the poet Walt Whitman, being 20-something, life decisions, and money… 

This is the first of 5 videos apropos to growing up, life, decision-making and money. The approach is refreshingly non-materialistic. The endgame accords w Whitman and Thoreau: In this life be your own person. Money is but a necessary footnote. 

Dear Walt Whitman,

I feel the call to: adventure, authenticity, art, healing the planet, poesy, serving others, spirit, friendship, and, not least, romantic love.

One question, though: what to do about money, career, and heavy stuff like that? It’s kind of a drag.

Response:  While I’m not Walt, nor Elephant’s silly Waylon Lewis, this much I do know: money is subordinate to all these pursuits. 

Sweet! Then no need to deal.

Well, no. There are life decisions, large and small, and money has a way of ultimately figuring into them. 

Crap! But…I’m  a virtuous person. Perhaps I get a cosmic kitchen pass?

get your logic, but money doesn’t seem to roll that way! One alternative for consideration: become savvy in the practical and subtle arts of money, finance, and decision-making. Then money will be less likely to injure or distract you from the essential activities of spirit, adventure, cool work, relationship, and so on. 

Shall we?


This video project (5 in all) is apropos the Young People, life, decision making, and money. Theme here in video #1: if you take to the Open Road, and we hope you do, then consider engaging these practical and—to a degree—subtle matters. It won’t make you a sell out. It won’t make you a part of the problem. Au contraire.

Financial advisor, author, and Elephant contributor Mark Butler is your host. He’s telling stories and offering a few conceptual frames. The premise of his work is this: folks who pursue Life Paths of meaning and creativity, whose basic approach isn’t capital-centric or materialistic—these folks should be the canniest in matters of money, economy, and so on.

Henry David Thoreau knew this. You can, too.


In case you missed it: Check out Mark on Waylon’s  Walk the Talk Show – Jan 22, 2014. It was a lively exchange on life, finances, emotional intelligence, and the Typology posited in Mark’s first book, Zen Money Blues. Or, perhaps you’re more into the topic of money-in-relationship. On the Walk the Talk Show – Jan 29, 2014, you can see Waylon, Maria and Mark head right into this wild country! It’s thematic to Mark’s second book: Lion Hearted Love: Rising to the Challenge of Money-in-Relationship. 


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