April 7, 2014

An Instrument in the Hands of the Universe. ~ Sana Atik {Poem}


Have you ever tried to live a life as that which you were not.

Floundering like a fish out of water,

Gasping for air,

Air which fails to feed the soul.

Fails to even for a fleeting moment satisfy the notions of heart.


Many times have I tried to swim as a fish out of water,

Like a bird with no sky to fly in.

Struggling to follow the flow of life.

Struggling to gaze past the haziness of a smoky sky,

And the murky waters which run through valleys of disillusioned minds.


For the flow of life can only be followed when we are completely submerged in our own true

Submerged not in the waters in which we do not belong in,

Nor in the skies which we cannot soar in.

But as an instrument of the universe.

An instrument in the hands of the universe.


An instrument lying trustfully,


In the hands of the universe.

Yearning to be played,

Played by the nurturing hands of the universe.

Played not merely as an end in itself,

But as an expansion of its true form,

Its unique expression of itself.


So allow yourself to be moved,

To be transformed,

Molded by your own inner music into the highest soulful expression of yourself,

Of your own true nature.


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Apprentice Editor: Pamela Mooman / Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: Wiki Commons 

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