April 2, 2014

April Could Bring War & Big Down Days in Stock Market.

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Putin, Merkel, Obama—Get Ready to Rumble!

World leaders are now expressing both their concerns and anxiety about the estimated 30,000 Russian troops currently positioned near Ukraine’s eastern border. Despite reassurances from Russia’s defense minister that the Russian Army will not move further into Ukraine, both Ukrainians—and many observers fear a Russian invasion is imminent.

After looking at the dangerousplanet alignment in the sky and astrology charts of such heads of state as Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel and Barack Obama, there is reason to be concerned about war, upheaval in our financial system and rebellion in our society.

Throughout April, a chain of events may trigger major crises for these world leaders to resolve. Here’s my astrological interpretation of what may happen:

1. Putin and the Russian-Ukraine War

Vladimir Putin’s chart is that of a very aggressive, imperialistic leader who’s ready to “kick ass and take names.” He’s adamant about protecting both Russia’s territorial and economic interest, which concern all the oil and gas that they presently sell to Europe. Putin’s chart shows that he’ll be an aggressive initiator on behalf of Russia’s ambitions. Even though he’s received threats from Obama and NATO that they will consider military action against Russia if he invades Ukraine, expect Putin to call their bluff and invade Ukraine in April. This military crisis will not be resolved until May.

(I’d like to give credit to astrologer Naomi Bennett, regarding her similar interpretation on this mundane event.)

2. Merkel of Germany To the Rescue

Angela Merkel’s astrology chart suggests that she’ll be the crucial figure in the Russian military conflict in the Ukraine. Merkel will be caught in the middle of this conflict that will involve Russia, Germany, Europe and the United States. The reality is that Germany is a major trading partner of Russia. While almost all of Europe is dependent on Russian oil and gas, Germany buys more than one-third of their supply from Russia.

Look for her to be a major negotiator in resolving the military and economic crisis brought on by Russia’s military action. Merkel will be challenged to safeguard the business interests of Germany while protecting Germany’s banking relationships with the rest of Europe. She will also have to negotiate the interests of NATO while working out any conflict between Putin and Obama (Naomi Bennett).

3.  Iran

During this April crisis period the chart of Iran suggests conflict and upheaval that could be based on further upsets over economic sanctions as well as the potential for Iran to ally itself with Russia in its military intervention of the Ukraine.

4.  USA Stock Market

The chart of the NYSE will be severely affected in April. Expect huge volatility based on economic and world events that produce mass fear and insecurity. This will certainly produce major down days in the markets, and with the potential for a major stock market tumble.

5.  NSA Big Secrets Revealed

The Uranus-Pluto cycle we are in from 2012-2015 has already revealed many cover-ups and secrets. Uranus rules sudden revelations. Pluto rules secrets (both hiding and revealing them). This is the period where the act of “spying” is on steroids, whether it’s nations spying on each other or their own citizens on the pretext of national security. If you recall, in 2013 the NSA was caught eavesdropping on German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The nature of this Uranus-Pluto cycle is, that behind the scenes, world leaders, politicians, corporations and powerful individuals are suppressing knowledge and information for their own benefit. They want to control events to their own advantage. With Pluto in sign of Capricorn expect more “big secrets” to be revealed, perhaps, coming from individuals like Edward Snowden. These new revelations will cause further public outrage.


The Good News: Planetary events suggest that these crises will begin to see some resolution by the end of May. But the overall crises will not likely end until the end of June. After that we may see our world leaders finally work together to make necessary changes to end war, transform society and achieve economic growth and prosperity to make everyone’s life better.

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