April 17, 2014

Chicken Hugs for Everyone! ~ Alicia Wozniak {Video}

chicken hug

Hugs feel good.

Whether it be a single arm bro-hug or an embrace we’re sure we can stay in forever, hugs feel good…even if it’s with a chicken.

We didn’t have chickens, but my siblings and I had ducks when we were kids and teenagers; white Peking ducks. We had two sets—Clarabelle & Lucky and Doc & Ace. The last set were known as “The Guys.”

They loved watermelon rinds and swimming in our above ground pool. They’d follow us around the backyard if they weren’t digging holes in my mom’s flower beds; she wasn’t a huge fan of “The Guys.”

Like anyone else, I suppose, “The Guys” grew cranky as they aged. We had to wear rubber boots outside even in the summer to protect our Achilles tendons; not all the time—mostly when we were feeding them. Though I do remember sprinting to the back door to escape their death grip.

The little nubbin ducks have on the front of their bills, to help them break out of their shells as ducklings, hurts like a son-of-a-bitch.

We affectionately referred to thigh high waders as “duck boots.” Actually, we still do.

“The Guys” were great huggers.

If we crouched down to their level and held out our arms, they ‘d come running and slide their faces and long necks over our shoulders—they’d seemingly nibble their way as well. Their feathers were soft. They made a sound that only my brother, sister and I can effectively describe to each other. If you know us, we can imitate it for you.

There’s a hand motion too…

Connection feels good. 


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Editor: Rachel Nussbaum

Photo: YouTube Video Still

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Alicia Wozniak

Alicia Wozniak was born and raised in Cleveland. “Woz” now lives in Tampa, with the rest of Ohio. This 40 year old can be found teaching Zumba, all over Facebook, figuring out Twitterblogging, and working her full time gig in a marketing division of a textbook publisher. She wonders how many jobs she really needs. If she isn’t moving, she’s unconscious. Life, which includes a Weez, is good and as long as the beer is cold and it isn’t snowing, she’ll keep moving forward—Xanax close at hand.