April 2, 2014

Creative Ritual for the Waxing Moon Phase & Navaratri.



With Navaratri starting this new waxing Moon phase, it’s appropriate to cultivate our relationship with the warrior goddess Self.

Navaratri begins with three days dedicated to Durga—a fierce and powerful goddess known for winning countless battles against evil forces. Lakshmi and Saraswati have their own strengths and powers, overcoming difficulties in multi faceted ways.

The warrior god/goddess Self is within each of us, though we may not have noticed. This hard and soft being within often doesn’t get a chance to fully express itself. The warrior Self is always complex, arrives when needed, hides if necessary, and can remain voiceless, expressionless, unless tended to, acknowledged and nurtured.

Part one:

Come to your drawing pad. Choose a medium that strikes you. Is it paint, craypas, pen and pencil, or maybe even collage or clay instead? Use the harvesting questions to prompt your inner inquiry as you arrive at bringing your warrior out from your hidden depths. Let the colors, textures, shapes and images speak to the feelings of this warrior goddess. Take 30 minutes for this piece.

Harvesting Questions:

What does my warrior have to say?
Is he/she/it connected to certain body part(s)?
What parts are the most fierce, most alive?
What colors does your warrior embody?
What does its soft side say?
Does it have a flowing side? Nurturing side? Brave side? Vulnerable side?
How do the change in seasons effect this warrior?
What does your warrior ask of you? What does it need?

Circle ten words that strike you most from your writing.

Part two:

Look at your image. Pick one element of your art piece—a color, texture, shape, etc. Stand while closing your eyes and envision this element, then begin to move your body. Move this element of your drawing; bring it alive in your body. Move with the shape, color, texture etc.

Where is it expressed in your body? How is your body reacting? What sensations, feelings, emotions come up? Your warrior has many sides to it. You are letting one of these come through you. If any of your words come to mind from your writing, say them aloud.

Speak, move, embody this part of your Self; cultivate your relationship with this internal energy. Let this last five to 10 minutes. Come to stillness.

Ask your image one more time if it has anything to tell you. Listen carefully.


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