April 30, 2014

Creativity in Yoga?


For many years, I have sensed a creative revolution through Yoga.

As I continue to invest more time in Savasana, the last asana of the practice, I have been feeling that this pose is not just rest and relaxation, but a powerful connection to my inner consciousness. I have slowly discovered that this connection has stimulated the greatest spark of my inner creativity.

So what exactly is creativity ?

Personally, I sense that creativity is the reflection of our pure inner-consciousness. This connection allows the heart to shine and take the lead of our mind processing. It feels like the intuition is able to cut-off the senses from our external world, from our false realities, allowing our true nature to shine.

I sense that creativity happens when an idea arises from a heart-opening rather than a mind-thinking rational process. Hence, the list of definitions is long and experimental.


Recently coming back from a Yoga Creativity retreat, allowed me to share with a fantastic group of curious and humble yoginis and gather in Satsangs related to creativity and art.


For many years we bought the idea that our brain had two hemispheres : the right being the emotional and creative and the other left being the analytical and rational one. However as neuroscience continues to develop, and we yoginis continue to advance in our yogic path, we are able to sense that there is something else deeper and revolutionary happening when we practice. We are able to perceive that creativity is indeed mysterious, paradoxical, and somehow complex.



Yoga allow us to have clarity in our minds and guide our quest to our inner nature.

We learn to accept, observe and experience life situations. We are able to be more present and constantly ask ourselves the how and why of things, while training our minds to be fully opened and filled up with curiosity. We are able to be fully concentrate but at the same time able to disconnect and wander; we are inspired to express our feelings, needs, desires and uniqueness.

Through our practice we begin to nourish the simplicity of life. We begin to see the immense possibilities of each situation, we begin creating extraordinary things out of the ordinary, we begin to imagine big things out of nothing, we are able to effortless be surprised by the smallest things in life. Yoga allow us to discover something new and different from our everyday lives …we begin just to love ourselves, sense a constant spark of happiness and lead our own evolution.


As we strengthen our physical energy, we are able to go to our subtler bodies and color our aura with freshness, clarity and compassion. As we practice we are able to control and manage properly our energies, as well as our receptivity to the external world. We learn when to be fully introverted and sensible and when to become extroverted and open.

Thank you to all the yoginis who joined this yogic adventure, each soul was a catalyst of love and inner creativity!




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Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo Credits: Courtesy of The Global Yogini, Flickr

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