April 7, 2014

Dear Beloved. ~ Laura D’Ocon

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Dear Beloved,

From the deepest and most sacred place in my body and soul, I confess that true love exists. Love is pure. Love is real. Love can be honored. Love is intimacy. Love is everything and everywhere.

I hold this as true because I met love once. I felt love once. I experienced that connection between my body and my beloved. I loved so deep that it hurt. I felt his heart beating close to mine. I held his head between my arms; I shared a tiny bed for years. I shared my breath so he could freely breathe. I made love staring at his beautiful deep eyes.

I know love is real and I want to feel love again, we all do. I want to recognize and hold it forever. I want to be able to let go of fear and open up myself completely to my beloved. I want to be someone’s lover, not any lover, just the one that is capable to walk side by side without invading each other’s space, but creating a sacred space. A man that syncs with my essence, a man that fits into my body, a man that could open his soul to me.

Dear Beloved,

We all dream to make love to someone with all our heart, body and soul. We all wish to hug the truth so tightly that our other half could actually feel our feelings and touch our emotions. Someone that could read our minds and translate our thoughts. Love has no other language but love.

We all dream to have a healthy, passionate and strong relationship. Someone who is capable of speaking to us using the silence. Someone to make love to every morning while the sun rises and welcomes a fresh, new day. I know I can have that. I know we can have that. I know love exists. Love is real. I met love once.

Dear Beloved,

I dream about someone that will jump after me,
I dream about someone that will ride without compass,
I dream about someone that is as passionate about life as I am,
Someone that will support my decision but will also stand up and share his opinion,
Someone that believes in his intuition,
Someone that will undress me every night with his eyes.
Someone that cares about my days.

I dream about someone that could love me entirely without holding back. Someone that loves me equally. Not any less, and not any more.

Someone that shares his emotions and is willing to grow through a spiritual path,
Someone that will always surprise me not matter what day it is,
Someone curious, always open to learn and teach me something,
Someone who will remind me how beautiful I am.

Someone that will accept my beliefs and understand my culture,
Someone who wants me as a whole, as a partner and as a co-pilot in our plane,
Someone to whom making love to will always be exciting, new and beautiful,
Someone who I could reveal my sexual desires without telling him, just showing them.

Ultimately, someone that will honor my sexuality, respect my body and love my being.

I know love will find us. Love always comes. Love will knock when we are ready for it.

Remember though, true love will always start within you.

Love elephant and want to go steady?

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Apprentice Editor: Yaisa Nio / Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: Pixoto / Eduard Stirbu


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