April 24, 2014

DreamWorks Dad Trumps Everyone. ~ Alicia Wozniak {Video}

hot lava

 Hot Lava!

We all did it as kids: pretend the floor is lava. We’d jump from sofa to chair and probably get yelled at by our parents, but we did it because, “The floor is lava, Mom!”

This dad who works for DreamWorks brings to life all of his kid’s, and his own, imagination.

Lucky kid!

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Editor: Travis May

Photo: YouTube Video Still

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Alicia Wozniak

Alicia Wozniak was born and raised in Cleveland. “Woz” now lives in Tampa, with the rest of Ohio. This 40 year old can be found teaching Zumba, all over Facebook, figuring out Twitterblogging, and working her full time gig in a marketing division of a textbook publisher. She wonders how many jobs she really needs. If she isn’t moving, she’s unconscious. Life, which includes a Weez, is good and as long as the beer is cold and it isn’t snowing, she’ll keep moving forward—Xanax close at hand.