April 30, 2014

Gen X Anthem. ~ Liz Morgan {Poem}

Photo: Jorge Mendez on Pixoto. http://www.pixoto.com/images-photography/people/fine-art/gas-princess-5711239875395584

We are

A mighty generation.
We cracked the corporate code of control
Over our health.

We had so much convenience
That we didn’t need it all.
We wanted to get our hands dirty,
And make our kitchens sing
With fresh smells and possibility.

We began to cook
And garden
And meditate
And breathe
And look at each other,

In admiration.

We dropped the cattiness,
The gullibleness
Of more formal,
Bygone eras.

It is our time,
And we have a mess to handle.

Left to us.

We can’t control the politicians,
But we can evolve the culture.

The things we weren’t taught,
Linger in the messiness of society.

But together, we shine lights.
Together, we have no choice but to move onward,
Beyond where humans
Have been before.
The frontier of culture
In a world that has more humans
Frantically more humans
Than it can really handle.

There is a craziness to our time.
A manic luxuriousness,
And a pulsing morbidity,
That takes on more life
Than the life itself.

But we
Generation X
The so-called slackers,
It just took us time to get our collective heads around
The insanity of what has been given to us.
And now
That we know
That we see it
That we have existed on this earth long enough
To call a spade a spade
We are no longer your children
The children of the children of the 50s.

We are a mighty generation
And we claim the earth as ours.
Not biblical ours,
Not to control and subdue and fill with ever more humans.

But to set free
To love,
To admire,
To allow the life to pulse on.

We claim
The precious earth,
With a gentle hand.
We see
Our duty
To it.

In our generation,
The men and the women
Work together
In times of trouble, in times of need
In times of great healings.

We remember the world before media.
We are not as obsessed with it
As we were a few years ago.

Our eyes veer
Towards the soil
The babies
The creatures
The trees.

If 40 is the new 30 is the new 20
Then we,
Are just coming of age.
Our ideas,
Finding root,
In the ongoing evolution
Of humankind,
Of kind human culture.

Out of bitter disbelief
We have found ourselves
And with any luck
Our awakening
Will be a turning point
For humanity
For civil society
For a rejuvenated planet,
Of Life and


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Apprentice Editor: Brandy Mansfield / Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Pixoto

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Read 2 comments and reply

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