April 5, 2014

How Many Gods? ~ Laura Carvalho {Poem}

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I do not believe in only one God.

I believe in many Gods.

I mean, I do believe in One God

It is instilled in me through family and culture.


The only class I enjoyed in Greek school was mythology,

So I believe in 12 Gods.

I believe in the power of Zeus and Poseidon.

I believe in the darkness of Hades,

The courage of Athena,

The love of Aphrodite,

And the music of Apollo.


But now I’m confused.

I was taught to believe in science;

How could the universe not have started with the Big Bang?

The evidence is there; evolution and fossils and anything Darwin says.


Why do I have to define what I believe in?

Where do I fit in this giant puzzle?


Then I discovered yoga


And my life instantly changed.

The deeper my practice,

The more reflective.


There was no need to define an entity to believe in.

We already have everything we need.

We just have to question,

Look deeper,

And choose to apply it.

I became enlightened, and I found my place.



I am Greek Orthodox,

Who believes that different deities surround us,

Whether Greek or Hindu or something I have yet to discover.

I believe the energy of life is constantly changing

And we are evolving.

Our Energy invested to become something greater.

Isn’t that the goal?


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Read 1 comment and reply

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