April 6, 2014

Living Fully, Accepting Disconnection. ~ Jessica Durivage-Kerridge

"This Too Shall Pass" - DukeOne

Our true nature is one of love, pure being and we are whole and perfect in this moment.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle of life, the speed of the Facebook feed, the limited hours in the day and the dreams and opportunities that we sometimes feel are passing by us. The amount of energy that we spend “thinking about being caught up” is staggering when we actually take a moment to reflect on it.

How much time have you spent lately worrying about something or replaying a negative story in your head?

A lot, huh? What if you took all of those moments spent worrying and put that energy towards cultivating more presence and awareness in your life? Or better yet, building on a dream, imagining, spending time with loved ones, letting someone know how grateful you are for them. Yes, life can feel and be overwhelming sometimes, but it’s truly in those moments that we have the opportunity to step back into present.

Wait, what?  When we feel disconnected from living fully that is when we need to step back into it?


When we notice ourselves getting wound up in a story or pattern, that is the perfect moment to notice and bring yourself back to your center; remember your true nature is one of love, pure being and you are whole and perfect in this moment.

This powerful practice can change our lives because no matter where we are on the path, there will always be countless moments throughout our days when we have the opportunity to notice ourselves disconnected from presence.

go with your heartMoment by moment we begin to recognize that each one counts.

It’s a gradual process, one that takes practice, patience and the willingness to keep coming back, day by day; moment by moment.

Here are some thoughts to support us in calling this practice into our lives.

Befriend habits—the good, the bad and the ugly.

Recognizing that habits, patterns and beliefs are all truly a part of the wonderfully already perfect you is an important first step. We will always have obstacles, inner and outer, in our lives so approaching them like a “friend in need” with compassion, empathy and forgiveness is a good approach.

Hey, everybody worries sometimes.

Let a “bad” habit jump start a positive one.

Make a commitment for one week to notice every time a worry or a story creeps up and when you notice yourself becoming disconnected, try saying a positive mantra or affirmation and taking a deep breath to bring yourself back to presence.

Here is a simple mediation to cultivate inner and outer peace.

Remember to take it one “moment” at a time.

While it’s truly the journey that counts and not the destination, it could be said that an “aim” of spiritual practice is to be fully alive and present in each moment—noticing and cultivating more and more awareness.

Remember that in our more difficult moments, “this too shall pass.”

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