April 14, 2014

Rain: Blurred, but so Revealing. ~ Angkush Poonye {Poem}


Rain: Blurred, but so Revealing.

Pouring down like a river;
Whipping against my window fiercely;
Making its way slowly yet so gently;
Time to welcome it: Rain.

Wiping away all chances for me to fall back asleep;
Clutching my goose—fleshed arms tightly;
Time to dwell on past reminiscences;

Oh Rain! What do you want to convey so earnestly?
You are rejuvenation mood for frogs.
You are rumbling chaos being foreseen.
You are relief for those of drought—affected countries.
Yet you seem so undecipherable today.

Fascinating as it is; yet the lashes puzzle me.
To dreamers, Rain is a wiper heralding change.
For those who associate it with pain are blindfolded:
Pain brings tears; Rain brings clarity and purity.
For those who associate it with danger merely are too fearful:
Danger brings disaster; Rain brings life—changing lessons.
For those who associate it with delight are jovial souls:
Everything seems so new under the grey sky.

As I sink in my wonderland, I see it enlightening forlorn hopes again.
Such is the beauty of Rain: It pours a blend of emotions.
Its final message goes as such:
Your dreams are being weaved, hold on, as I sign off, light shall creep in for a new beginning”

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Apprentice Editor: Kathryn Muyskens / Editor: Renée Picard

Photo credit: Pixoto

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Read 2 comments and reply

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