April 13, 2014

See & Be Seen. ~ Julie Larkin

Clear Blue Eye

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”

~Mother Teresa

Scenario 1.

She’s sitting across from the trusted and self-chosen professional wishing she could move aside; wishing she could be anywhere but right here; wishing she could hide. Still, she stays. She breathes a little deeper. She shares her honest feelings of fear and wanting to hide and avoid. Together they forge on and shed light on some utterly-beneficial-to-her topics. Honest and raw emotions are shared and held in safe space. Discomfort melts into acceptance. Fear dissipates into relief. It feels like freedom.

Scenario 2.

She hides in her relationship more than she cares to admit. She “makes small” in a well-meaning, but misguided attempt to avoid that which she finds uncomfortable. Much time passes and the relationship suffers.

The hindsight question is so very clear.

How could a relationship thrive or even maintain a level of smooth-sailing when one or both are not “showing up?” With help of a trusted and chosen professional (like the above) she allows herself to be seen. To be seen and show up in a way that she hasn’t in a long time. With care and honest communication, healing happens bit by bit and in the same breath almost overnight.

Another revelation: Balance has set in. It could not have come in the previous state where one or both aren’t even engaged in the equation.

Ah, balance. More spaciousness.

Both of the above scenarios are mine. Perhaps you could insert yourself into either or both of these types of scenarios at some point in your past. And, perhaps you, too, are benefiting from experience and the much-clearer vantage point of hindsight.

Allow me to continue as I muse on the now crystal-clear-to-me vantage point regarding some inspired possibilities pertaining to this life we are all living together on this earth.

As a result of my personal journey and my adored life’s work, I’ve been feeling a profound sense of gratitude and peace these days.

I feel profoundly lucky.

I feel this sense of “Of course! Yes! This is a birth right! This is a profound piece of why we are here on this earth together!”

Wait, what’s this profound piece?

Why are we here on this earth together?

To see and be seen. To be human and live the human experience. To bear witness to each other.

Each of our infinite upward spiral, growth, momentum is intricately connected to “the other.”

Each time any of us hold space for another to be seen, exactly as is, whole (complete with all the glory and goods and all the fears, doubts and shadow aspects), healing happens.

Peace settles in.

Love just is.

It seems and feels to me the most sacred and loving expression of life and living.  Just as much as it seems a most basic and natural aspect of this bittersweet human experience. A birth right.

Perhaps the call to be whole and to be seen is greater than ever before.

Perhaps the time is now to fully engage; to feel; to put ourselves out there (with the “right” person/people), despite fears.

Yep. To be seen.

An unmatched peace could be waiting on the other side of that kind of vulnerability.

Remember, we belong to each other.


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