April 4, 2014

Steel Cut Morning Goodness. ~ Celeste Shea {Recipe}

Steel Cut Oats

This breakfast will give you energy, help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, but most importantly, it will make your tastebuds very happy.

Steel cut oats take longer to digest due to how they’re processed, meaning you feel fuller, longer. This means you’re less likely to snack before lunch.

I’m not going to lie—it’s not a fast breakfast, but it is the best breakfast.

It’s this simple:

  • Make steel cut oats—I use Bob’s Red Mill. Follow package instructions. For one person, I halve the amount of oats and water.
  • Add one tablespoon chia seeds and mix thoroughly.
  • Add cinnamon, if desired, for additional health benefits.
  • Drizzle with local honey.
  • Add berries, bananas or any fruit you want. Granola is another option.
  • Top with a generous amount of almond milk.

Voilà! A satisfying, healthy breakfast. Enjoy!


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