April 24, 2014

The Cute Girl Shuffle. ~ Stephen Parato {Poem}

Girl 2

You were on your way to work

Walking at a hurried pace
The concept of time
Weighing heavily on your mind

Our paths crossed
On that city street corner

We exchanged eye contact
For a fraction of forever
A sublime slice of eternity

Then you glided right by me
With a slight hop
A captivating, delightful skip
Barely airborne
Yet leaving me in the clouds

Time stood still
I know we both felt it
A subtle magnetization
An intrinsic yearning
As our coats gently brushed

You landed in a moment of serenity
With quick, little steps
The cutest shuffle

I witnessed you shift
Out of angelic form
And relapse back to that hasty march
Ending our serendipitous encounter

I’ll probably never see you again
But thank you
Thank you for the beautiful glimpse
A glimpse at the shores of divinity

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Apprentice Editor: Lizzie Kramer / Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Courtesy of Pixoto/ Ivan Kassa and Pixoto/Yul Barbosa

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