April 7, 2014

The Power of One Voice. ~ Stephanie Renaud


I am amazed at the number of people who simply do not know where to look, or how to look, at the world to galvanize change.

I see and have such compassion for the hate filled struggle of so many people who have found themselves feeling powerless to stop the devastation of the world around them, both socially and environmentally.

The world is being taken apart piece by piece and sold to the highest bidder without regard for the sustainability of the practice.

The world cannot survive the current level of plutocracy that has been surreptitiously rolled out underneath all of our lives. The very systems that we rely upon for our continued existence are being molested, deconstructed and the only interest that is being considered is that of the rich elite. The earth and her wellness is nowhere in this conversation. Nor is the well-being of the majority being considered. The collective apathy is being reinforced through the manipulation of the very free media that we rely upon to inform us and watch our government. These people are now in the pockets of the rich minority.

That being said, we live in an age of information.

The internet has made the independent dissemination of information possible in a way that has not existed to date. We, as a people, have the power to educate ourselves, to inform ourselves and to raise our voices when the very government that we elected abuses its power, deconstructs our systems and sells our assets to the highest bidder. The problem is that so many people have been lulled both into complacency and political apathy that they have been disempowered. They feel powerless and so they behave in a powerless manner.

Everyone has forgotten the power of one voice. When one voice is raised, others will follow.

In the age of information, ignorance is a choice. We can choose to reclaim our power, to raise our voices and to move society in a direction that better cares for the needs of the people and the planet. However powerless you feel, it is your choice to remain that way. There are many justifications for choosing to remain in a powerless state of mind. The largest is that you believe that your one voice will make no difference.

Every voice matters.  We all need to educate ourselves, speak up and reclaim our power as a Human Family.

The people should not be afraid of their government, the government should be afraid of its people.


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