April 27, 2014

The Universal Heart-beat: Sensing Earthly Contractions. ~ Juliana Lavell

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Heart beats—contract, pull tightly, squeeze and release. Over and over and over. Cells die and are duplicated in every fleeting second.

The earth regenerates itself in spontaneous ways we can not control.
Earth quakes, storms, tsunamis, ideas, death, rebirth, new life, new organisms, new genes, new dna.

A constant flow of death and reproduction.

Somewhere along the line humans decided that we are at the top of the food chain, that we somehow need to control everything.

There is something greater working and moving through each of us. The heart beat of the universe. Our solar system and energy surrounding the earth fluctuates in a rhythm and style that mirrors the heart beat.

On a meta physical level we are one. We are all comprised of the same basic material.

We are energy changing forms. The journey to wholeness, peace, enlightenment, heaven is through our hearts. That magnificent, intelligent, pumping organ in your chest. Breath deeply with it. Let yourself feel all it wants you to feel. Do not prefer one sensation over another just embrace all of it. You are whole.

Love each other, love our ugliness, love our vulnerability, love our death, love our rebirth.

Love doesn’t mean the absence of fear and pain, love is the vast essence of who you are underneath all emotion, thoughts, and ways of understanding.

Love is something all invasive, pervasive, permeating you and me, infinity and beyond.

It does not have preferences. It is the vast ocean of foreverness that flows through us and into the ocean of life.
One Love.

Namaste, Juliana

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Photo: Phil Koch

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