April 22, 2014

This Song Makes The Best Ear Worm Ever. ~ Marcee Murray King {Video}

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Loving the Kirtaniyas, MC Yogi and DJ Drez as I do, it is pretty obvious why this video makes me so happy. Watching it is pure magic!

I have the song in my iPod. I listen to it in the car, as I do dishes, when I practice yoga. I cannot help but dance to it. My husband is hooked on it. I turned it on during a break in a class and folks in the room started dancing to it.

This song makes the best ear worm ever!

Vijay, from the Kirtaniyas, told us about performing at the Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork, Utah, at one of the workshops at Bhakti Fest Midwest. He said, “Imagine performing to a crowd filled with  young Mormons…”  That’s right. The majority of the crowd was made up of Mormon youth. Keep that in mind when you watch this video!

Nitai Gauranga…I love on everyone!


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