May 8, 2014

5 Techniques to Heal Challenging Emotions. ~ Dan Sainsbury

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The following comprises a series of powerful healing techniques that will assist in moving through any challenging emotion. Whilst emotions can be a valuable indicator of “where we are at” and a good barometer of the way we feel about a situation, we must be careful. Furthermore, emotions can become too dominant, take over too much, to a point where they become just downright unhelpful and uncomfortable.

One of the biggest blocks to healing that we have, particularly in the West, is the dominance of our thoughts.

We are so entranced by our thinking its faux-reality that time and again we miss the opportunity to drop into our feeling-state, where it is far easier to effect an immediate and qualitative change to our health and happiness.

Our emotions provide the fuel and the firepower to our thinking. They fire each other up as part of the same circuit. When we are feeling very angry our thoughts will reflect that. When we can shift out of anger into a calmer state, our thinking will reflect that too.

The following is a range of techniques that I believe are some of the more powerful out there, that can be used at any time to change the way we feel.

1. Allow the feeling to be there completely.

This sounds wholly counter-intuitive. Why on earth would I want to allow something to be there that is nothing less than downright uncomfortable? Well, this is a neat little trick that works outstandingly well. When we allow the emotion to be there fully, it rises up in the body to the higher chakras, to the higher energy centers, where these ‘lower emotions’ can be transmuted, transformed and transcended—the three T’s—and not resisted, denied, suppressed, medicated against etc. For the latter serves only to keep the emotion there.

So take the uncomfortable feeling whether it’s  fear, jealousy, anxiety or whatever and:

(a) Allow the feeling to be there fully.

(b) On the in-breath allow the feeling up the body into the Heart Center and Higher where it will dissolve and transmute, into calm and dare I say Bliss.

(c) Release on the out breath.

(d) Continue as necessary.

How does that feel now?

2.  Stare at the feeling in the face and thank it.

Saying “Thank you” and “I love you” directly to a pernicious feeling literally stops it in its tracks, softens it, tranquilizes it and transforms it into something sweeter. It is a wonderful technique coming from the wonderful ancient Hawaiin healing and forgiveness practice called Ho’oponopono, which means “to make right.”

Try it now—take that unpleasant feeling and say “Thank you, I love you” to it.

3.  The power of a quiet mind. The even greater power of a silent mind.

When our mind is quiet—and how rare a moment is that amid the hubbub of ‘life’—the deeper wellsprings of our True Power, of our Authentic Self, are allowed to shine through.

This technique doesn’t necessarily need to be done in a quiet place like a park or a library, but anywhere we currently find ourselves. And in fact, as we all know, the mind can ‘play up’ even in quiet places!

What I am talking about here is cultivating a state of inner silence and quietness.

Very simply, whenever a difficult thought or feeling comes up simply say to it, firmly and gently “Silence.” Keep saying it any time a thought bubbles up. “Silence.”

Say the word “silence” on the in-breath, and release the feeling on the out-breath.

How does that feel now?

5. Leveraging our formless (Divine) Self.

This may be a leap for some but it is agreed among the leading spiritual thought-systems around the world that the Spirit part of us is a formless, Eternal, Divine Presence. The body part of us has the form.

A great technique to leverage the power of the Spirit is to merge formlessly with whatever is coming up in the body/mind in a wholly unidentified way.

As we do so all the challenging stuff of the body/mind (or ego) will simply evaporate against the beautiful white heat of the ever-burning sun that is the Spirit.

The crucial thing when we are merging with whatever is coming up is to maintain this formlessness and not identify with what is coming up.

This powerful technique was shown to me by the wonderful awakened man Steve Ford, a fellow Brit.

5. Perfect love casts out all fear.

Fear and guilt run most minds on this planet. They influence most decisions. Thankfully there is one emotion that is far greater still—and that is Pure Love.

When we are in fear, simply:

(a) Recognize there is fear in the body, then

(b) Breathe in Perfect Love from the Source of Perfect Love (God/Divinity/Heavenly Father) into the fear and watch it evaporate!

To the extent that these practices become second nature, we can allow these highly resourceful states to be with us when we so chose. Whatever we are feeling in the moment can be shifted and cleared to make way for the vast wellsprings of peace, joy and happiness that are naturally ours.


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Apprentice Editor: Kim Haas / Editor: Rachel Nussbaum

Photo: Claire L. Evans via Flickr

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